Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bose Ventures?

Bose Ventures is a team at Bose that invests and collaborates with start-ups focused on technologies to help people live better and feel better.

What stage of investments do you make?

Typically, Series A, but we will also invest in Seed and later rounds.

What kinds of companies do you invest in?

We’re looking to work with start-ups developing products, technologies and services related to our core business.  Our categories of focus are: wearables, wellness, connected audio, and Bose Augmented Reality. We want it to be a two-way street, where Bose and the start-up benefit from working together.

Why would entrepreneurs/companies want Bose Ventures to invest in them?

At Bose we make world class hardware and software products that delight customers around the globe.  That takes expertise across many disciplines. In addition to funding, we help our portfolio companies by connecting them with our experts in product development, prototyping, marketing, manufacturing, and sales.

What are you looking for in a start-up founder? 

Founders are the single biggest factor in a start-up’s success.  Dr. Bose founded Bose as an entrepreneur, and Bose was once a start-up.  So, we have history here.  We’re looking for someone who’s passionate, and cares about the customer like we do.  We want to find someone who shares our values, too. 

What exactly is Bose Ventures looking for in return for funding?

No different than other investors. We’d take an ownership stake in the start-up. And we also look for opportunities to partner Bose business units with the start-up.

Is Bose Ventures a separate entity?

No.  Bose Ventures is part of Bose Corporation