Bose Ventures supports entrepreneurs who strive to be better and different

We know this takes courage and the road is not easy. But we believe in the entrepreneurs and their passion, resilience, and determination to realize their dream.

We want to help.


The Legacy of Dr. Amar Bose

Dr. Bose had a passion for innovation and the people behind it.

He believed that whatever we set out to do, we should try and do it better than it has ever been done before. He also believed that to be better, you had to have the courage to be different. Out of this philosophy, he created Bose Corporation, a company with a history of creating better products through research and innovation.

Bose Ventures now extends Dr. Bose’s legacy by supporting courageous entrepreneurs who strive to do things better, even if it’s very different than what exists today.

Dr. Amar Bose

What we are looking for

Bose Ventures is looking to invest in entrepreneurs who are focused in areas where Bose can help you build your business:

  • Wearables: enabling technology or new digital experiences for wearables
  • Wellness: innovative products, technologies or digital experiences to help people live healthier and more engaged lives
  • Audio: connected digital experiences and innovative applications for audio

How we work with start-ups

More than just funding, Bose Ventures provides the opportunity to partner with Bose businesses.

We also provide access to world-class experts throughout Bose in areas such as:

  • Product development
  • User experience
  • Market analytics
  • Customer insights
  • Brand management
  • Intellectual property
  • Supply chain and manufacturing
  • Global launch and sales

Companies We Have Helped

Learn more about the start-ups we have invested in.

Embr Labs logo


Embr Labs is harnessing the power of temperature to dramatically improve personal comfort.

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Core Wellness Logo


Meditation for modern life.

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Radio Public logo


RadioPublic’s mission is to help listeners discover, engage with, and reward the creators of podcasts.

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Vesper Logo


MEMS Microphones for the Voice-Powered Future.

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Whoop logo


Developer of performance optimization systems designed to understand human performance.


Aaptiv Logo


Developer of trainer-led, music-driven audio workouts.

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Navisens Logo


Navisens' location platform operates indoors and outdoors without relying on infrastructure such as WiFi Access Points, Bluetooth beacons, or GPS.

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Sentient Play  ogo


Sentient Play is building the WhatIF Engine which combines art, artifice, and artificial intelligence to help build games worth playing.

Sentient Play »

Whispr Logo


Whispr is transforming frontline services delivery with a simple and scalable voice guidance platform.


Aira Logo


Aira connects people who are blind or low vision to trained professional agents who deliver visual information on demand.

Aira »

Pison Logo


Nerve sensing technology that enables intuitive, wearable human computer interaction.

Pison »

RealWear Logo


Developer of a hands-free headset designed to improve safety and increase productivity at industrial work.

RealWear »

MedRhythms Logo


A digital therapeutics company that uses sensors, music, and software to build evidence-based, neurologic interventions to measure and improve walking.

MedRhythms »

Acast Logo


Acast is a premium podcast marketplace that provides hosting, monetization, and analytics to podcasters.

Acast »

Beekeeper Logo


Developer of communication platform designed for mobile workplace collaboration.

Beekeeper »

Hyperice Logo


Developer of recovery technology and products to accelerate recovery time and prevent injury.


vital things Logo


Developer of a bedside, contactless sleep monitor designed to analyze and improve your sleep.

vital things »


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